35 local community representatives (28 from NABUUR villages), 500 business cards, 1 entertainment group and a welcoming venue made up for a successful Meet2Connect event in Kampala, Uganda on 21 February 2009.

“I now have people to turn to directly, when I am facing challenges”
“Two heads know more than one”

The purpose of the event was to connect local community representatives so that they get to know each other and their projects. And it worked!

After a practical introduction to networking, which really boosted the energy level in the room, it was time to put the networking in practice: groups were formed based on location -”I finally got to know the people who are around me” – and on issue, successes were shared and a lot of ideas, contacts and addresses were exchanged: 500 blank business cards, to be personalized by the local representatives with their details, were gone by halfway into the afternoon.

Just the beginning…More meetups to come!

During the day a group of Local Reps spontaneously decided to form a meet-up group: they will be meeting on a regular basis to learn from each other’s projects & experiences. If you missed this during the day or were not able to attend the event, but want to join this group: you can still contact Paul Bulenzi at paul@behod.org.