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    The same team that ran for Jinja in October 2007 did it again last Sunday!

    12 kilometers on the Formula-1 race track and the beach of Zandvoort, the Netherlands.(link in Dutch)

    So far we’ve collected 550 EURO, and some more funds are still coming in.

    There are a few projects that Paul wants to spend the money on:
    - shipment of tools for a carpentry workshop & training
    - repairing the monitors that have broken
    - building a temporary structure (school) in Kajjansi

    More updates on these projects soon!


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    Preparation AND mental support made last Sunday’s run a success: 10 kilometers in 55 minutes, 20 seconds!!
    We made a short video of the event:


    In the meantime we’ve gathered nearly 1000 euro. That’s enough for the shipment… and training a few people. Time to discuss priorities with Paul and BEHOD board :lol:

    Pelle and Marijntje

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